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Energy Saving

Our Ecoelectrix by Bionda products bring down your electricity bill by up to 30% from the very moment they are installed. Save on your bills with Ecoelectrix.

Protect your Equipment

Ecoelectrix protecs your electrical installation from both harmonics and power surges, giving truly reliable protection in both single-phase and three-phase systems.

Maintenance Free

Once installed, our products require no further maintenance whatsoever. They are designed to be 100% efficient throughout their whole useful lifetime.

100% Legal, Adapted to CE rules

Ecoelectrix by Bionda holds the certificates and accreditations that guarantee our products comply 100% with current CE regulations.

What is Ecoelectrix?

At a time when electricity costs are constantly rising, Ecoelectrix is born: an easy-to-install device that, thanks to its innovative, revolutionary technology, brings significant savings on electricity consumption in homes, businesses and companies.

Using the most advanced energy-efficiency technology, it is a unique product that levels out voltage peaks, conserving and prolonging the useful lifetime of electrical equipment and installations.


Range of Products

Our range of products includes two main families:

Ecoelectrix Domestic and Ecoelectrix Business

Ecoelectrix Domestic
Equipment specially designed for home electricity consumption. It protects the integrity of all the appliances connected in the home, bringing down maintenance costs and significantly reducing the electricity bill.

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Ecoelectrix Business
The Business range of energy saving devices has been developed to optimise electricity consumption in large installations. There is no power limit, as the equipment can be series-wired.

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Ecoelectrix Promotional Video

Find out about the advantages of our product and see how it works. 

2016 Campaign

Guarantee and Technical Service

Our products are 100% certified and are backed up by our excellent Technical Service. 

Any questions?

Search for your questions in our FAQ section. If you still do not get it, don’t hesitate to contact our After Sales Service.

Any suggestions?

Have you any suggestions to improve our product? Get in touch with us on our contact form.

Do you need help?

If you have any problems with any of our products, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll find the best solution to your problem.

Satisfied Customers


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